L2S2 will provide the technology to manage and document SIMEX 2018, one of the largest international disaster simulation exercises in the world.

L2S2 at SIMEX 2018


Our integrated mobile / web software platform enables ultra-rapid development of new connected apps. It has a wealth of features and interfaces to many clinical systems. It connects the patient to the clinician and clinical records for truly patient-centric healthcare.

It collects good, validated data, for example, from the care worker who quickly notes the patient’s condition on their phone, but doesn’t have access to their confidential record.
The details of patients at risk are alerted to the clinicians who can take action to avoid hospital admission.

Our software platform accelerates development of compliant apps, medical devices and healthc are software, ensuring they meet stringent governance and regulatory requirements.
It enables complex permissions to ensure data privacy (GDPR compliance), messaging, clinic management and reporting as well as sophisticated, friendly end-user functionality.

We supply the IT to run the field hospital in disaster zones for the UK’s emergency medical team (UK-EMT). Our systems are operational in under 30 minutes from the team arriving. We developed innovative technology and workflow that has transformed their efficiency.

UK-EMT and WHO can collect accurate and meaningful data about disaster relief work.

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Front Door Streaming for Urgent and Emergency Care.

L2S2’s ECDS system manages streaming and automated referral / transfer of patient data to urgent treatment centres.

It collects ECDS data, produces discharge summaries and prepares SUS+ submissions:
– minimising administrational work and costs;
– providing commissioners, clinicians, managers and patients with high quality information that is standardised across all emergency care delivery;
– ensuring full CQUIN claims.

The ECDS system is available for immediate deployment via the NHS HSCN (N3) network.

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Our partners supply products we develop to the NHS for use in primary and secondary care.

L2s2 has developed Xenplate, a rapidly configurable mobile IT platform with a wealth of features.
We work closely with customers to adapt it to their needs.
It has high security, full audit trail and data validation.


ISO 13485, ISO 9001, ISO 27001, IG Toolkit.

L2S2 capabilities

Data security and governance

Accredited by NHS Digital to host and process national data sets

L2S2 capabilities


On internet and NHS internal network with approved architecture to transfer data between them

L2S2 capabilities


L2S2 engineers have many years’ experience of developing software. We use our innovative platform, Xenplate to accelerate development and testing, as it already provides a wide range of core functionality that can be configured using its high level editor.

L2S2 is accredited to ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 for medical device development.


Xenplate is a richly featured
mobile / web rapid development platform for sophisticated new applications.

Xenplate is highly secure with fully auditable data handling that meets the most stringent requirements, including those of healthcare and the life science industries.


All the systems we develop and host fully meet GDPR requirements. We are accredited to ISO 27001, and on the NHS IG Toolkit.

We have been audited by NHS Digital and approved to hold and process national medical records.


We can provide data and application hosting services both on the internet and on the NHS private HSCN network (formerly called N3).

For clinical applications in the community, we have approved architecture to link mobile systems on the internet to clinical systems inside the NHS on the internal network.


Xenplate is an exciting new software framework developed by L2S2 that enables us to produce new, fully tested software for a small fraction of the cost and time of conventional software development methods.

 L2S2 is accredited to ISO 27001:2013, ISO 13485:2003, ISO13485:2012, ISO 9001:2008 and CMDCAS

Xenplate has all the main features needed by medical devices, including full audit and high security.

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