Cambridge disaster medicine

Cambridge Disaster Medicine

L2S2 Cambridge disaster medicine field IT system, SATIS has been chosen by the United Kingdom Emergency Medical Team (UK-EMT) to support its field hospital that is deployed to large and sudden-onset disasters. UK-Med that provides the team has previously assisted in the Nepal earthquake in 2015 and the Ebola Virus Disease outbreak in Sierra Leone. The UK-EMT is funded by the UK Department for International Development.

SATIS is a full electronic patient and clinic management system that can be deployed within minutes of arrival at a disaster location. The system has been designed working alongside clinical and management personnel who have years of field experience.

SATIS provides practical solutions to the key problems that usually limit the usefulness of IT in the field. It is resilient, requires minimal pre-training and works out of the box.

L2S2 provide trained and expert staff to deploy with the equipment into the field to ensure that the clinicians can concentrate on helping the patients.

All of the necessary equipment for the full SATIS disaster management information system is packed into backpacks that can be carried as hand baggage by the first response team. Inside the backpacks, servers are built into special cases designed to be quickly unrolled, suspended from a tent frame and switched on. Almost immediately the rapid response team can start to capture and share information using smart phones, tablets or laptops.

SATIS does not need an internet connection as it creates a site-wide Wi-Fi network with multiple sets of servers for resilience. The information captured by each worker is shared with all other appropriate workers in real-time, so that as each patient moves through the field hospital, their notes travel ahead of them.

The SATIS system will run for several hours just on its batteries, and these can be hot-swapped so it does not need generator power on arrival.
Once the disaster is over, the system can be used in a stand-alone manner for local clinics or other similar uses.