L2S2 has developed two integrated systems for managing emergencies, disasters and mass gatherings.

SATIS is a full information collection and situation management system with a wide range of sophisticated features and high security to ensure personal data handling meets GDPR and other stringent governance requirements.

Visit the dedicated SATIS website http://www.satis.cloud

iPhones showing Tally workflow steps

To set up a SAIS Tally dashboard with a free account visit https://satistally.l2s2.com

SATIS Tally allows very rapid collection of simple, key information without the need ever to present personal data to the user. Using a phone app, it enables rapid, distributed capture of information around a site, such as mass gatherings, to collect information that can be immediately viewed on a management dashboard. Any information gathered about individuals can also be integrated into the SATIS record for that person, although the user of the app does not need to know anything about the person.

UK-EMT logo

L2S2 has collaborated with the United Kingdom Emergency Medical Team (UK-EMT) and the internationally renowned Crisis and Disaster Management Group at the University of Portsmouth.

We have developed world-leading technology to manage a wide range of disaster situations, particularly for medical teams, and mass gatherings as well as cutting edge data sharing technology that meets GPDR and recognised international governance standards.

UK-EMT is ready to deploy a World Health Organisation accredited field hospital to a disaster zone within a few days from a call to respond.

UK-EMT commissioned L2S2 to develop a new mobile IT infrastructure for its field hospital. L2S2’s SATIS disaster medicine and management platform provides UK-EMT with world-class field IT capabilities.

The core SATIS system is carried in overhead luggage and is functional 30 minutes from arrival on site. It runs off batteries until generators are operational and does not require internet.

SATIS deployed in emergency hospital
surgeons in scrubs in emergency hospital

SATIS provides staff with:

  • High performance mobile electronic patient record
  • Real-time patient registration, triage and location tracking system
  • Smart features including image identification to integrate paper records into the electronic paper record, thus dealing with the need to record data as quickly as possible when the patient load is high
  • Telephony and internal email
  • Bulletin boards