Established organisations

L2S2 has an excellent track record on both large and small projects for blue chip organisations including the NHS. We have a highly professional team of expert engineers who are very experienced in project management and deliver on time and to budget.

Our vision in designing Xenplate as a software framework was to take the developer out of development projects. Even if we haven’t fully achieved this, we have certainly made the whole process much faster, more reliable and a lot less expensive.

Xenplate also allows us to be much more responsive to you. Because Xenplate is so highly adaptable, it is also relatively easy to accommodate changing requirements in the course of a project, often at no extra cost at all.

We use Xenplate as the basis for most projects we undertake because it provides a wide range of standard features that your product will need in a highly configurable environment:

  • Xenplate operates across multiple platforms including Android and Windows mobile devices and web;
  • User interfaces are easily developed and customised using drag-and-drop components;
  • Xenplate is highly secure with sophisticated user permissions;
  • Xenplate has integrated communications;
  • Xenplate products are fully auditable.  There are many more features besides!

(See the Xenplate website here)

When we start a project, we review all of the information you give us and we work with you to draw up clear and full requirements including profiling your regulatory environment. We can work to a range of standards including ISO 9001, ISO 13485 and CMDCAS. Because Xenplate is so highly adaptable, it is also relatively easy to accommodate requirements changing in the course of a project, which has to help if you are still finding out the detail of what is needed by your market.

The first step is to identify project risks and address them. Usually this will involve a thorough review of your IPR. It is often the case that some aspects of a client’s IPR cannot be implemented simply by configuring Xenplate. When this happens we encapsulate the functions into a module that interfaces to the Xenplate API to give your version of Xenplate these capabilities.

At this point, development normally progresses rapidly to the point where we deliver your working system. As the Xenplate code is well tested and proven, the testing of your new product will be a lot easier and faster than would normally be expected.

Once completed, your product can be deployed either on your own servers or on ours. We offer ISO 27001 accredited, UK sited co-location with failover on both the internet and on the NHS N3 private network.

Also, we train you on the Xenplate editor, so that you only need to refer back to us in the future if you want to make major changes to your product. Most changes you can do and publish yourself, with full version control and data stamping.