As investors, you seek to maximise return on investment.

Committing your development to L2S2 will help you to achieve this goal in several ways:

1. Costs of development are much lower: reduces the investment needed to achieve the same product.

2. Development times are much shorter: product can be put to market sooner, maximising potential revenue, reducing risks and minimising overhead costs incurred during the development phase.

3. Risks of development are reduced: because Xenplate is so well tested and will form the majority of the product, bugs will be down to an acceptable level much sooner than with conventional development, where there will be a much larger amount of new code to be debugged.

L2S2 has rigorous systems and procedures to ensure the confidentiality and security of your IPR, so that you can entrust your development to us. We are also happy to put Xenplate source code into escrow for you.