From October 2017, CQUIN payments for emergency admissions to level 1 and 2 centres will depend on capturing and submitting patient data according to ECDS (Emergency Dare Data Set) requirements.
Level 3 and 4 centres will need to conform from Autumn 2018.

In response to this, L2S2 has developed an electronic patient record that fully meets the requirement to capture ECDS compliant data.

Moreover, the L2S2 system enables rapid and effective streaming. It uses workflow technology developed for use in disaster medicine, where a hospital may need to manage the arrival of large numbers of patients. It integrates fully with the electronic patient record, so that time is saved in subsequent triage and administration.

Streaming is fast and effective using L2S2’s system


  • Rapid recording of patient data to improve clinician efficiency
  • Automated preparation of SUS/SUS+ submissions ensuring rapid NHS payments
  • Manage flow of people through venue / identify bottlenecks
  • Manage resources efficiently where needed
  • Drive public to Level 3/4 centres from Level 1/2
  • Transmit accurate data to A&E in advance of ambulance arriving
  • Extensible for managing other clinic types, e.g. OT, Physiotherapy
  • Full audit functions protect service users, clinicians and other staff
  • Clinic management system fully compliant with new ECDS data format for Type 3 / 4 urgent care clinics, including minor injuries units, walk in centres and ambulatory emergency care. Assembles data in the format ready for submission to SUS / SUS+.

    • Fully secure/auditable system captures patient data meeting ECDS
    • NHS IT requirements met, available on HSCN(N3) and internet
    • Rapid capture of diagnoses using nested drop-down lists
    • Receptionist captures patient details, clinician need not enter
    • Dashboard showing queued patients waiting to be seen by clinician
    • Current waiting times available as feed for website
    • Automated report output in SUS / SUS+ submission format
    • Easily extended, wide range of additional clinic management features
    • Works in browser on HSCN for clinic operation
    • On/offline secure caching client for use in ambulance environment