Xenplate mobile field IT platform

Image of tent with laptop showing triage screen and field hospital ward embedded into image

Xenplate Field Mobile Platform is portable enough to be carried onto an aircraft as hand luggage and can be deployed in the field in minutes.

The platform comes with high performance laptop workstations that are pre-installed to provide everything needed to support multiple mobile devices. Outdoor Wi-Fi hotspots are included in the package and can be attached to tents or masts (optional) to provide an instant Wi-Fi network for the Xenplate mobile devices.

Tablets and phones running Xenplate secure client apps (Windows and Android) will automatically synchronise data and images with the Xenplate Field server as soon as they are switched on and in range of the Wi-Fi transmitters. Each Wi-Fi hotspot can cover an area of approximately 180 metres diameter; additional hotspots can be deployed to increase this range.

Xenplate is pre-configured to use the Royal College of Emergency Medicine minimal emergency medicine dataset, which can be easily extended to store patient centric management data. Easy import and export functionality allows the data to be shared with national systems. Other apps are available to enable clinic management including appointment booking, resource scheduling and reporting including KPIs.

Multiple Xenplate Base Stations can be deployed to provide data and operational resilience. One system acts as a master and continuously mirrors data to warm standby servers. On failure of the master, the system will continue to run on a secondary server which will automatically become a new master. When another server is added it will become the new secondary server and provide the backup function. The mobile devices will automatically switch between the servers to provide continuous operation.

Mobile Base Station Printing
An Epson mobile printer is supplied (1.6kg) in the carry-on backpack that holds the complete field station. The printer contains a rechargeable battery and will typically run for several hours from full charge.

Base Station Carry On Back Pack
• Laptop Xenplate server
• Mobile printer with spare ink
• Two exterior Wi-Fi hotspots
• Connecting cables
• Mini PoE UPS for Wi-Fi
• International power adaptor

Xenplate Field Apps
The Xenplate field Apps are available for Microsoft Windows (7, 8.1, 10) devices and for devices with Android newer than version 4.2. The Apps may be installed on user supplied devices or L2S2 can supply a range of different makes and device types.

The Xenplate framework creates a secure environment on the device in which Xenplate apps run (smart forms, image capture and review, messaging). All content is encrypted as it is created and synchronises automatically with the base station whenever the device has connectivity; usually base Wi-Fi generated by the Xenplate Base Station. Secure authentication is required to access the device and the content available to each user is sent from the Xenplate Base Station. Configuration is straightforward and may be performed at base camp by senior personnel as staff change.

The Xenplate Field Mobile Platform is supplied with expert-created emergency medicine capture forms that use an encrypted local database based on the Royal College of Emergency Medicine minimum dataset used for public health data collection in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. The forms may be easily modified using a provided online drag and drop design tool, allowing tailored data collection and review as well as extending the database to store other disaster data along with the patient records.
A range of other Xenplate apps is available that can be deployed to the devices and L2S2 offer bespoke customisation and content creation services.

The Xenplate Base Station carry-on back packs contain everything required to deploy a mobile field station, two back packs will be required to make a resilient system. The outdoor Wi-Fi units may be attached to tents or buildings but in many circumstances better performance will be obtained if the hotspot devices are mounted on portable masts. L2S2 can supply a range of telescopic masts with guy lines that are easy to assemble and which will survive rough handling. Unfortunately, although reasonably compact these will need to be carried as check-in luggage.

Complete Service
L2S2 offer a complete service including system customisation, training, remote support, report writing and customised data export to meet customer requirements. Xenplate is everything you need to safely and reliably deploy a smart mobile system in the field.

Xenplate Base Station Server
• Specification: I5-6200U 16GB 500GB SSD 12.5 INCH
• Hot swap battery
• Windows 10 Pro
• Preinstalled Software:
o Xenplate Base Station Server
o Xenplate Resilient Failover
o Xenplate Administration Portal
o Xenplate Form Builder
o Xenplate Report Builder
o Xenplate Communications
o 25 Xenplate Client access licenses
o ECDS (Extendable standard emergency medicine dataset) data capture / review or other ready built apps
o Wi-Fi Network Management Software
o Xenplate client application

• Outdoor Wi-Fi Hot Spots (PoE)
• Uninterruptable Power Supplies
• Telescopic Masts
• Xenplate Comms

August 2016