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C2-Ai  -  "We have built our business from scratch in close partnership with L2S2"

L2S2 has provided the technical operations for C2-Ai's business since it started over 10 years ago. In that time, we have analysed more than 120 million patient records from 46 countries and ran operations in 11 countries.
C2-Ai specialises in assessing the risk an individual faces of complications and mortality from a given procedure. It has built up a comprehensive capability covering more than 180 variables and can evaluate 100% of diagnoses. The AI algorithms are used both as a predictive tool to enable planning of patient care, and as a retrospective tool to detect the causes of preventable harm in hospital medicine.
L2S2 has developed all products sold by C2-Ai embodying the clinical expertise of Dr Graham Copeland and insight gained from analysing millions of patient records. We have installed them in multiple hospitals and interfaced to many different hospital systems. We have developed the medical device risk prediction calculators that are now in use in the fight against COVID-19.

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DermaCheckup  -  Democratising development

DermaCheckup wasn't just designed by doctors.  It was produced by one.   A consultant surgeon developed DermaCheckup, a registered medical device.  MMDC's drag-and-drop application editor allowed him to realise his design without needing IT or software skills. 

Skin is the largest organ of the body and skin diseases affect millions of people worldwide. There are dozens of skin conditions and they can be difficult to tell apart. Some are minor, but others are life-threatening.  DermaCheckup is an online service that connects patients directly to their doctors. Patients take pictures of skin lesions using the app and describe their symptoms. The DermaCheckup app gives doctors a secure & user-friendly platform to review patients and communicate with their patients that is modern, easy and secure with automated algorithms, videocalls, emails and SMS.

Helping to save lives

L2S2 has developed SATIS, a scalable IT system designed to be rapidly deployed anywhere in the world and provide a full hospital EPR for a disaster or emergency.   SATIS can be deployed in under 30 minutes, is completely self-contained, does not need mains power for 24 hours and requires no internet connection, instead it creates its own network. It allows patients to be rapidly triaged and then tracked through the hospital.

SATIS was chosen by UK-EMT, the United Kingdom’s emergency medical response unit for use as a field electronic patient record and management system. Emergency medical applications of SATIS were developed by L2S2 in collaboration with UK-EMT.  UK-EMT is a volunteer medical team that responds to emergencies and disasters


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