Reassure a life saving app

Reassure preventing an impresive amount of casualties


Doctors forgetting stents in patients

In the hospital patients with blood problems were getting stents in their veins to help the blood to circulate properly. A problem occurred that when the patients had their stents implanted they had to have them removed after a certain time. Both the patient and the doctor forgot about the stent and the stent exploded inside the patient. This problem occurred more often that it should have and was brought to us, L2S2, to solve.

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Reassure puts control in the hands of clinicians

Clinicians determine how each patient should be monitored by selecting the combination of sensors and assessments for each patient.

They ‘prescribe’ the types of measurements from an ever-increasing palette of medical devices, assessments, PROMs and PREMs and dictate how frequently each measurement should be taken.

Patient screens show latest measurements relative to the normal range and measurement trends.

Clinicians can also determine normal ranges, either globally or for each patient individually.  Readings outside normal ranges will generate alerts.

Doctors and the patients are notified when they need a procedure

To solve this problem we decided to create an app that notifies the doctors and the patients when the patients need a procedure. This allows the doctors and the patients to have less worry about risk and better results.

We’ve now modified this app to cover other medical procedures

Reassure now covers more than just the stents. We now allow patients to chose their procedure and when to notify them. The doctors can also see the patients status for instance their hospital, their appointed doctor, if they’ve consented, their ID number and their procedure.


Patient app is customised to each person

The patient app only shows the measurements and assessments that the clinician has selected.

Patients are prompted when it is time to take measurements using on-screen notifications and email.  Reassure connects to a range of Bluetooth devices to capture readings automatically, alternately patients can enter readings manually.

If measurements are outside the normal range, the patient receives an alert with further instructions.   If there is no connectivity, they are told to contact the clinic as a failsafe.

Patients can see graphs showing how their readings are varying.  This encourages medication compliance and allows patients to participate actively in their own treatment.

How to use it

For the doctors after your first appointment with your patient you simply need to sign in and enter the patients details. Once you fill in all the details you will receive an activation and pin code. For the patients you simply need to install the app on your phone and enter the activation code and the pin number. You will then need to enter whether consentient or not and then specify when you want to receive a notification. You can also ask any question which will go directly to your appointed doctor.

Will help not only patients but also doctors

This will help the patients since it will minimise the risk of them being in harms way and make them feel safer. For the doctors it will improve their reputation and with the organisation of the hospital since the registration of the patients will be quicker and easier.


Reassure : Pregnancy

Maternity clinics use Reassure to monitor mothers at risk of preeclampsia.

Women record their blood pressure and urine protein at home using the Reassure app.  It detects deterioration and alerts clinicians to make sure patients are treated promptly.  It enables early intervention and brings better outcomes for mothers and babies.

Clinical teams can monitor their patients using the Reassure dashboard. The dashboard highlights at-risk patients, so clinicians can target resources effectively.

The remote monitoring of pregnant women at home brings costs down as unnecessary follow-up appointments are eliminated.

Reassure helps to keep mothers and their unborn babies safe.

"The Reassure app appears to be going well and the patients are loving it."
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