Healthtech innovation transformed - accelerated, affordable and compliant.

MMDC platform

Reduce time, cost and risk from concept through clinical trial to mainstream healthcare

Ultra-rapid development tools

Get your regulated product deployed and generating revenue fast using L2S2's  MMDC compliant tools

Worldwide data platform

Data managed to full MMDC regulatory and clinical research standards.  From device to clinician, researcher, patient and EPR

Partnerships and services

L2S2 products run frontline services in the UK NHS and globally. Our AI analytics team and clinical trial partners empower customers

Accelerated innovation

Unique tools and services get your product to market fast. Start making an impact sooner.

Simplified data management

Data managed to full regulatory standards.  From device to clinician, patient and EPR.

Barriers overcome

We take full care of regulatory compliance and integrate your product into healthcare ecosystems.

What we do

  • Platform with embedded expertise for fast, low-cost, low-risk realisation of innovative healthtech
  • Ultra-rapid development and deployment of medical device grade software and connected devices
  • White-labelled medical device products
  • Creation of AI / ML models from healthcare datasets

Our team

Our highly skilled team works to full medical device standards. 

  • First-in-class software team with hundreds of man-years experience
  • Oxbridge applications and ML graduate team of engineers, scientists, and a research psychologist
  • CEO is internationally recognised medical device expert
  • Chief Medical Officer has world class knowledge of medical data


'Out-of-the-box' compliance to healthcare industry standards

MMDC (Managed Medical Device Cloud) is a global standard that ensures new health-tech products can be developed and deployed rapidly with full regulatory compliance. L2S2's MMDC compliant platform connects devices, patients, clinicians, AI & ML algorithms and clinical systems in a network that meets both data privacy regulation (e.g. EU GDPR) and medical device regulations (e.g. EU MDR).  It protects IP and incorporates a quality management system.

Security First
Strict security is at the heart of everything we do

From keeping data confidential and safe to truly sophisticated software that stops data security hindering users who have the right to access data.

Build fast
Shrink the process. Grow the impact.

Rapid application development tools and our extensive MMDC platform condense timescales and budgets. Deliver secure, scalable products using agile yet compliant patterns.

Fully managed
Reduce your compliance risks & costs

Fully serviced secure, resilient and scalable global deployment to connect devices and run applications at scale while ensuring compliance to local regulations.

AI built-in
Providing insight into data and enabling action

MMDC has the credentials, security and governance to manage massive data sets of confidential patient data and incorporate AI / ML, to bring the benefits of innovative technology to patients.

Compliance ready
Accredited compliance built in

The MMDC platform brings compliance out-of-the-box to ISO/IEC 27001:2013, HIPAA, ISO 13485:2016, FDA Title 21 CFR part 11, GxP, OWASP, Cyber Essentials, NHS DS&P Toolkit, NHS IT requirements. It is connected to both the internet and the NHS private network (HSCN) and can transfer data between the two.

Why should patients have to wait for improved care?

Build fast and de-risk

Our medical device platform delivers new regulated digital health products in a small fraction of the usual time. It reduces development risks and leverages healthcare integrations to join devices and patients around the world with clinicians and researchers. It harnesses the power of Arm Pelion for innovative device IP management and secure data delivery, and it ensures regulatory compliance for the life time of the product.

Deliver fast, focus and succeed

We build fast, so you get to market fast, and for a fraction of the cost.  You gain first mover advantage, get revenue sooner and spend less up front.   And using our platform means you focus on  your core IP, not not reinventing, testing & debugging components common to many products.  And then we manage your deployment so you focus on building your business. 

 All this just means you maximise ROI and, if you are a startup, you keep your equity.

Hear from our clients

" We have built our business from scratch in close partnership with L2S2. L2S2 has consistently provided the innovation, technology and support that have allowed us to become leaders in our field in the UK and overseas. Most recently, Xenplate has allowed us to launch our multi-award winning COMPASS risk-adjusted outcomes predictor into the medical market in record time."

Stephen Mackenney, CEO Copeland Clinical AI (C2-Ai)
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